Participant Media to Receive ATHENA National Award 

Participant Media, a leading media company dedicated to entertainment that inspires and compels social change, to be honored by the ATHENA International women’s leadership organization   

Academy Award-winning media company Participant Media will receive the National ATHENA Organizational Leadership Award this Saturday, November 3rd, in Los Angeles. Participant Media is the leading media company dedicated to entertainment that brings social awareness and engages audiences to participate in positive social change, annually producing up to six narrative feature films, five documentary films, three episodic television series, and over 40 hours of digital short-form programming through SoulPancake. Participant tells stories that advocate fiercely and courageously for women’s equality issues important to our society. Their upcoming film “On The Basis Of Sex” tells the story of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her work on the ERA amendment. The film is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2018.   

The National ATHENA Organizational Leadership Award is presented to an exceptional organizational leader who demonstrates professional excellence, gives back to their community, and assists women in realizing their full leadership potential. This award has created an international impact on the lives of women. In addition to their commitment to produce films that encourage gender equity like, “On The Basis Of Sex”, with 10% higher than the national average of women executives, Participant Media is an excellent candidate for the National ATHENA Organizational Leadership Award.   

ATHENA International develops, supports, and honors women leaders, and inspires them to reach their full leadership potential. ATHENA International President, Andrea Conner, will present the award at the premier of Participant’s new film featuring the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “On the Basis of Sex.”    

“OTBOS highlights the ATHENA Leadership Model in action. Ruth Bader Ginsburg models fierce advocacy, fostering collaboration and living authentically. The film illustrates the positive influence balanced leadership worldwide offers society as a whole,” says Conner.  

Participant now joins a list of ATHENA individual and organization honorees that includes former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, KPMG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Women In Public Policy, the Ladies Professional Golf Association, and Dolores Huerta.   

About Participant Media  

Founded in 2004 by Jeff Skoll, Participant’s content combines the power of a good story well told with opportunities for real-world impact around the most pressing global issues of our time. Participant’s content and social impact mandate speaks directly to the rise of today’s “conscious consumer,” representing over 2 billion consumers who are compelled to make impactful content a priority focus. Through its worldwide network of traditional and digital distribution, aligned with partnerships with key non-profit and NGOs, the company is positioned uniquely within the industry to engage a rapidly growing audience while bringing global awareness and action to today’s most vital issues.  

This award presentation is made possible by a sponsorship from Stanton Chase, a fierce advocate for developing, honoring and supporting women as leaders, and one of the leading global executive search firms offering global perspective and local insight.

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